While Jerry Lorenson is known by his friends and family as just regular old Jerry Lorenson, most of you reading this would recognize him better by his stage name "Jerry Lorenson". There, thats better. Now we're all on the same page.  

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jerry's mother sent him to piano lessons when he was nine-years old. Giant shout out to Mrs. Edith "Edie" Sommppi.  A hell of a woman that taught him about chords and hand positions and how to keep playing even if you make a mistake.  

Other than his years in college, Jerry has been performing music professionally since 2001.  Active projects include: Towncrier, The Pork Tornadoes, Pianopalooza, and William J Locker.  He is also a 

seasoned studio musician, logging hundreds of hours recording vocals, guitars, and keyboards in midwestern studios.

While he has yet to win, or even be nominated for any "Kids Choice" or "American Music" awards, Jerry has written dozens of songs that have been recorded and published over the years.  Some of those songs are excellent, some of those songs are average, and all of those songs are better than anything his 2nd Grade arch-nemesis Sid Parker has ever done.  

Whether you're commissioning an original song, inquiring about a film score, or looking for a wedding singer, you can bet on one thing:  when its all said and done, nobody will probably complain about what he did for you.  Except Sid Parker. Typical.  


Photographer: Anna Jones